Legal Experience: When I started law school I was sure I wanted to become a trial lawyer. I had just completed a Masters in Communication at Purdue University, and I looked forward to the day when I could walk into a courtroom and start persuading juries.

In the summer before my third year, however, I was fortunate enough to win an internship as a clerk for the Chief Justice of the New Hampshire Supreme Court, Frank R. Kenison. That experience was transforming. To my surprise, I loved everything about my work with Justice Kenison–the legal research, the pouring through the trial records and briefs, the writing and rewriting–everything. I was very sorry to see the summer end, and upon graduation a year later I accepted a full time clerkship at the same court–this time for Justice Charles O. Douglas. The job paid next to nothing; but once again, I loved it. That was probably the happiest year I ever spent as a practicing lawyer.

In the 30 years that followed, I’ve had an interesting and varied career as both a trial attorney and an office practitioner. I’ve represented government entities, corporations, banks and private parties. The areas of law in which I gained expertise include

  • Civil litigation (insurance and corporate defense early in my career, and plaintiff’s personal injury more recently),
  • Municipal law (representation of municipal corporations in the daily activities of government, from elections to collective bargaining), and
  • Commercial banking (representation of lenders in the design and closing of complex commercial loans).

Each of these practice areas requires a high degree of proficiency in written communication. I succeeded in all of them because I really liked that aspect of my work, and I was able to hone my skills to a fine edge.

Now I no longer accept private clients. I have both the time and the opportunity to focus only on that aspect of the law that I have always liked best–research and writing. That’s why I created USLegalWriting.com.

Credentials: Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, Purdue University, 1969; Master of Arts, Rhetoric and Public Address, Purdue University, 1976; Juris Doctor, Franklin Pierce Law Center, 1979.

Bar Admissions: New Hamphsire, 1979; 1st Circuit, 1980.

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